Our Business

Satco|Nuvo is a privately held U.S. based lighting manufacturer headquartered in Brentwood, NY, with six dedicated distribution centers throughout the US including New York, Florida, California, Washington, Texas and Puerto Rico; with an additional 14 distribution centers located throughout Canada, US  and Mexico.

Built on the traditional values of loyalty, reputation and hard work; and grown on the principle of being able to supply our customers with quality products and unsurpassed service, our over 1.5 million square feet of warehousing ensure that we are continually able to meet the supply and demand of the lighting market. 

“You can’t sell from an empty cart.” Herb Gildin, Founder of SATCO.

Satco services nearly every market, from electrical distributors and lighting showroom, to OEM, contractors, architects and designers. 

We are committed to our customers and partners and we work ensure that our strong relationships are mutually successful. It is our legacy, our reputation and our future.

We do the right thing.

SATCO | NUVO Home Photo
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