Vision / Mission / Value


Do the right thing。 Aim high, reach for your goals… with passion, character and generosity。


To lead our industry, succeeding through the practice of good business, good partnerships and strong citizenship.

奔驰现金网We do the right thing。

Value Statement

The right thing is inherent in our people. Satco values honor, loyalty and dignity of character in our relationships, partnerships and industry reputation.

The right thing is exemplified in the creation of our products. From our high standards in manufacturing to our solution-based ingenuity, Satco demonstrates a commitment to our customer delivering on product, promise and partnership.

We do the right thing奔驰现金网 in our commitment to our community both near and far. From the families that work with us to the ones that ultimately use our products in their homes, neighborhoods and communities, Satco gives back, it is who we are.


Satco.  Do the right thing.

SATCO | NUVO Home Photo
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