Satco Bulbs

General Service LED

Satco’s LED general service lightbulbs offer customers the highest quality products through continually evolving innovation。 With each new generation of bulb the efficacy improves including better lumens per watt, cost savings through manufacturing processes and the addition of value added features。 This translates into maximum cost savings, maximum energy efficiency and an ever-broadening range of options from color temperature, dimmability, damp or wet location suitability, omni-directional, colored bulbs, sizes and shapes to suit nearly every application。  

Solutions-minded in our manufacturing, Satco offers general service LED bulbs for new applications, retrofit and replacement applications, creating value for our customers through our innovative solutions when and where we can.  

View our complete line of products in our on-line catalog or download our LAMP Specification Guide.

SATCO | NUVO Home Photo
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