NEW T20 & T24 Catalog

Dozens of CA Compliant Lamps and Fixtures

Friday, April 10, 2020

Check out Satco's latest T20 & T24 California Compliant Catalog in our EXPLORE section or SERVICE Section or our website or 奔驰现金网link to it directly right from this article.  

California energy legislation continues to evolve and it is incumbent upon everyone in the supply chain to ensure that products meet the level of standard the state requires。 SATCO continues to revise our product offering to meet the California standard of energy efficiency with products such as our popular Blink line, retrofit downlights as well as a full selection of lamps。 

In addition, we continue to update our customers with the latest legislation requirements effected by the California Energy Commission as part of our service and responsibility to the industry and our customers.

Please visit our California Title 24 Page奔驰现金网 for the latest changes and information.



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